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ANR Technologies is the only working partner with General Biosystems in Singapore
General Biosystems, Inc. is a US-based biotech company. It has a passion to understand how genetic information is stored and programmed in DNA and how it is used to direct various biological processes. With this knowledge, it develops innovative technologies and instruments to program and physically write or print new genetic codes. The new codes will form the blueprints for novel or improved biological functions and biological systems. These new biosystems will have broad applications and benefit human life and society in major ways.

General Biosystems has a very strong Scientific Advisory Board, with renowned professors from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology at The University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and Duke University with vast expert knowledge in genomics, proteins, antibodies and molecular biology. The products synthesized by General Biosystems have been cited in more than 200 journals published in Natures, Science, Cell, Nature Biotechnology, PNAS, and so on. 

The product and services offered by General Biosystems are
  • Oligo Synthesis
  • Gene Sythesis
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biosystem Optimization
  • Protein Expression
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